A day at the Tennis

A day at the Tennis….
Second set under way and you wonder how they can possibly keep up with this heat.

The sun today makes its presence felt but you feel happy because your SPF 50 is with you and that wonderful topical Vitamin C surely has been working after months of regular application. Well deserved drink break for all involved and you can quickly make a run to the lavatories…lucky you, got there before the others!!!

Time to reset your hair and a quick look on the mirror….only then do you notice your arms looking only slightly loose in their firmness and then you remember your friends told you about anti-aging technology, it’s called “radio frequency “, yes, it’s a wonderful therapy that can improve body contouring and skin tightening, it can be done in easy sessions with minimal discomfort….wow!!!

Aren’t you glad that we are not that far and ready to discuss solutions – call anti-aging on 03 98300744.