anti-aging education- Volume Loss

Anti-aging Education- Volume Loss

anti-aging holds monthly education meetings as part of our commitment to continuing education. It’s this continual training that helps us stay in touch with all the newest techniques in cosmetic medicine and is why we have some of the most highly trained cosmetic injectors in Australia.


This month, our anti-aging injectors focussed on Volume Loss and honed their skills on restoring volume to cheeks temples and jawline with dermal fillers.


Why focus on volume loss rather than just removing wrinkles?


Volume loss speaks volumes about your age. It can result in:

  • Loss of definition and facial balance
  • Change of overall shape
  • Appearing older than your years

Key effects of volume loss in ageing:

  • Hollowing of the cheeks and temples
  • Shadowing of the face
  • Sagging and drooping of the skin


Overall: A slow reversal of the heart shape face we take for granted.

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