anti-aging Education weekend

Anti-aging Education Weekend

Anti-aging Boot Camp Recap

On September 8th and 9th, the anti-aging team held a Cosmetic medicine “Boot Camp” in the Yarra Valley. The Boot Camp is aimed to bring the team together to share experiences, learn new techniques to improve our service and bring the team together with a bit of fun!


The weekend began with an anatomy lecture drawing on the expertise of an Allergan clinical specialist and learnings gained by our Medical directors Dr Dennis McCurdy and Dr Juan Romero in Singapore.

An excellent understanding of facial anatomy is essential to a good cosmetic result by allowing the injector to best assess the face and determine where to inject for the best cosmetic outcomes.


Communication Styles & Consultation skills

The injectors conducted a personality assessment and discussed how to identify different traits in clients and how best to tailor a consultation according to the clients personality type.

Further to the communication styles workshop, the injectors conducted a role play session identifying whether “your assessment matches up with the client’s concerns and how to take the best approach moving forward.”

New Allergan Products

Allergan attended the Boot camp and introduced our injectors to their new products aimed at providing a solution for fine lines and enhancing lips.

Our injectors were instructed on how to use the products and many are currently trialling them.

Ask your injector for more information.

Skin Functionality & Ingredient Functionality

 Andrew Christie, an expert in all things skincare, attended the Boot Camp to further educate our injectors.

Andrew spoke about Skin Function and Ingredient Functionality, with a major focus on choosing the best moisturizer. We hope that his session will assist your injector in informing our clients about skincare more effectively.

Team Building Event (Wine & Cheese Tasting)

The injectors also found a little time for some team bonding, tasting some of the best French wine and cheese.

The annual Boot camp compliments our monthly education seminars and cosmetic conferences. anti-aging…… always learning!!