Are your hands giving away your true age?

Hand-Before-After-Copyright-Q-MedRestylane Hand treatmentHave you worked hard to keep your face looking young? Sweated at the gym to keep your body toned and youthful? Yet something is still giving away your real age?

Your Hands!

Just take a look at Madonna, Kylie Minogue or Sarah Jessica Parker. They all have great skin, flawless complexions and toned bodies of a woman half their age, but when you see their hands; you can tell they are much older than they wish to appear.

The hands, like the face, show signs of aging due to loss of volume and skin deterioration.  The skin of the hands becomes thin, dry and creased and may benefit from a dermal filler to improve the condition and appearance of the hands. This can further be helped by hydrating the hands with a skin booster. Age spots (or liver spots) can be rejuvenated with Laser or IPL treatments to restore a flawless look to the skin on your hands.

Anti-aging offers a variety of treatments to rejuvenate the hands and protect your secret of youth!


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