At the day at the Botanicals


Had a wonderful day with my girlfriends at The Botanical Gardens yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was great to know Spring is just about here. Jenny, one of my girlfriends, has always impressed me with her incredible glow and youthful looks but could never get the courage to ask her secrets till then. When we went for a ladies touch up stop at the restrooms I finally found the perfect moment.

What she said blew me away… Aging process in Australia is greatly accelerated due to our relentless sun and also bone structure in women appears to start to recede in our 20’s. Couple that with our lifestyle and voila!!!! So Jenny visited very clever people who helped her with her skin protection, enhanced her nice looks and corrected her small blemishes, all with simple wrinkle injections, fillers, laser therapy, skin tightening, fat dissolving units, all done in well sorted out programs and with lots of great science to back it up.

Well, I can tell you ladies, who I will be calling this morning… anti-aging cosmetic and laser have clinics throughout Australia call 03 98300744.

Call 03 98300744 for an appointment.