Body Contouring Melbourne

There are 3 basic treatments to eliminate unwanted fat for body contouring.

1. Liposuction

There are several types of liposuction

Using laser
Using ultrasound
Using water or solution
Liposuction is a quick surgical procedure, but is often expensive and open to complications like infection. At anti-aging we do not use liposuction however we will refer patients to a reputable clinic for surgery if you require liposuction.

2. XRF [or Accent or Radiofrequency heat]

This treatment uses radiofrequency to disable fat cells [50% of it’s action] and tighten the skin [50% of action] in each session. For a good result, an individual generally requires approximately 6 sessions. Larger areas [around the size of an A4 piece of paper] cost $399 and small areas $299. There is no ‘down time’.

3. Lipodissolve or fat dissolving injections

This treatment involves using an injection of a PTC [a product of soya] to break down fat cells. It is very successful and breaks down fat [90% action] and tightens the skin [10% action]. Cost is $350 to $500 depending on the dose required to remove the fat. The larger the dose the better the result. There is about 5-10 days discomfort after the treatment and bruising and some swelling are common.

At anti-aging we have developed a combination therapy involving lipodissolve and XRF. These treatments combined have much better results.


  • DAY 1: Lipodissolve +XRF normally this would cost >$750 but with combination $600.
  • 2-4 weeks later: XRF $199 [normally $299] for A4 area
  • 2-4 weeks later: XRF $199 [normally $299]
  • 2-4 weeks later: Lipodissolve +XRF $600

Over the next 6 months fat reduction and skin tightening process continues to improve. When paid up front $1200 a saving of $398. Down Time is about 5-10 days bruising and discomfort with the combination sessions.

(Treatment only available at Canterbury and South Melbourne clinics)