Can I still wear a bikini with Stretch Marks?

This time next week I will be on the beach in Fiji!! Sorry to those who will not be there, but don’t get too jealous… I will be there with my 3 small children (cue sand all over me and sticky icy pole all over me and …. Well let’s be honest I can’t complain. It’s going to be great!)

stretch marksAnyway, I was discussing with a friend (who will also be coming along), whether after 3 kids my body is still suitable for a bikini? She screams yes, but claims hers is not. As the mother of twins, she says her stretch marks are unsightly and not for general viewing! “Why didn’t you tell me” I said, “We have treatments that can minimize stretch marks in 8 weeks or so”.

Whilst you might not all be ready to get in a bikini any time soon, many of us still like to look good under our clothes and it is worth discussing stretch mark treatment in readiness for the warmer months.

anti-aging treats stretch marks using the 1540 Fraxel system. The laser reduces the colour of the stretch mark and rebuilds the damaged skin in the area of the stretch mark. The Fractional laser rebuilds the skin by strengthening and tightening the collagen and developing new collagen.

Combining this Fractional Laser with Radio Frequency Therapy further enhances the results

Most treatments are 8 weeks apart and all skin types can be treated.

If you are interested in exploring this treatment option, give us a call or click to make an appointment.