Case Study: A doctor’s perspective

Cheryl first attended the clinic as her daughter was getting married in 8 months; she wanted to look ‘good’ for the wedding and wanted to see what could be done. I was very impressed with her coming in that early as so many folks present a week or so prior to an event wanting a miracle, not realizing that the art of improving facial appearance requires time.


Cheryl had spent most of her time in the sun, either at play or on the farm and had rarely used skin care. Despite this, Cheryl is very attractive for her age and had great character so I knew she was going to be a great candidate to improve.


First and most importantly was to improve her skin. Fresh and healthy skin is essential for beauty; it turns ageing wrinkles into beautiful character lines. So at the first consultation I emphasized all we could do in the 8 months to improve her skin. This will involve beauty treatments by our beauty therapist and ongoing treatments at home with good skin care. On top of that we could do ‘skin boosters’. Skin Boosters is a new innovative cosmetic treatment to provide deep skin hydration which continues to improve the skin for about 12 months. So over the next six months we had a plan in place to improve skin tone and structure, to fill the fine lines and replace volume lost over the years. I felt it was important to improve Cheryl slowly so that she did not feel awkward and different.


After the explanation and laying out a program we were ready to start some cosmetic treatments. Cheryl was new to this so I wanted to start slowly. Photographs were taken to monitor the progress but also to evaluate which treatments worked best for her.


Cheryl’s most obvious signs of her ageing and life style was her deep frown lines, drooping eyebrows and the heaviness around the mouth. As I said I wanted to introduce change slowly so I started with low dose anti-wrinkle injections and filler treatments to these areas.


One month later I checked her first response to the anti-wrinkle treatment; all seemed well and the results soft and she looked fresher. Now was the time to start working on the skin – no wrinkles and leather-like skin does not do it, it is better to have soft, fresh and younger looking skin with wrinkles.

To combat this, skinboosters were injected throughout the face and to upper neck. Cheryl had some loss of volume in the cheek area which happens due to bone and fat absorption, and so to give a small lift some volume was given with a specific dermal filler for that purpose.


I wanted to check the skinbooster and lifting treatment and so after a month I reviewed Cheryl. Even after a month the skin looked healthier, I knew it would continue to improve over the next few months. Skinboosters hydrate the skin, and consequently the skin improves in texture and quality. It goes to show how important hydration is for ongoing skin care.


Now with the skin improving, we had some volume back into the mid face, which took away that hollow, draining appearance; I felt we could start some fine-tuning. Cheryl’s lips were dry, inverted and shrinking, so to enhance her mouth we decided to hydrate and fill the lips, not to make them larger and silly looking but to make them fresh and vibrant to suit the facial improvements.


Overall, I am happy with how Cheryl is progressing. Over the coming months we will be increase the volume of Cheryl’s cheeks which will improve the appearance of the cheeks and decrease the jowls. We will be doing some filling of her fine lines and continue with the anti-wrinkle treatment to the frown, eyes and jowls to continue the ‘fresh and healthy’ appearance.