Case Study – Lower face anti-wrinkle treatment

Case Study – Lower face anti-wrinkle treatment

By anti-aging Cosmetic Nurse Trish Matheson


Trish before_after 09.02.15


My patient has been having ongoing cosmetic treatments for many years, including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and minor surgery. She works within the cosmetic and beauty industry and has a role which is very forward facing, travelling the world conducting seminars and meeting new people, so she is very conscious of her appearance. She has a great skincare regime, using products that her company produces which aid her cosmetic procedure results and longevity, an essential element to anyone considering cosmetic injectables.


At her last visit, we discussed her current concerns and why she had made a booking for that day. Her response was “my chin is awful! It shows up so much in photographs and videos.” After discussing a new chin anti-wrinkle treatment I had been performing for a few months with great results, she decided to see what it could do.


The treatment focused on 3 areas – the top lip, outer corners of the mouth and chin.

  1. Top lip – As we age, the top lip slowly inverts, resulting in our lip getting thinner and thinner. I injected 2 sites either side of the top lip with anti-wrinkle treatment, a few millimeters above the lip border. As the product takes effect, it relaxes this muscle and averts the lip resulting in less noticeable smokers lines and a fuller lip.
  2. Outer corners of the mouth – The DAO muscle over time can also increase in strength, resulting in a downturn to the outer edges of the mouth. By relaxing these 2 muscles with anti-wrinkle treatment, it allows the muscles either side to become stronger and help to lift the corners and take away that frown or sad look.
  3. Chin – Have you ever noticed as people talk that their chin forms a horizontal crease below the bottom lip border, and can also have a puckered or orange peel appearance? The mentalis as we age can increase in strength resulting in this appearance. By injecting anti-wrinkle treatment deep within the belly of the muscle as well as spreading small amounts more superficially, it can give a more youthful appearance to the chin.

Trish Anatomy 09.02.15


As you can see by the before and after image above, the results 2 weeks after treatment are exactly what we were looking for and the patient was thrilled with the outcome. This particular treatment is suitable for any age and if a client wanted more volume in their lip then dermal fillers could be added to create additional volume and fullness.


 About Trish 

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Trish is a Div 1 nurse with over 25 years’ experience in cosmetic enhancement procedures. She has worked all over Melbourne, country Victoria and also interstate with leading cosmetic doctors.

She is proficient is all aspects of cosmetic injections – including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, sclerotherapy for fine leg veins, lipodissolve injections for the treatment of fat and PRP or “Vampire Facelift” which uses a clients own blood to revitalise their skin.

It is also a treatment for hair loss. Trish is also involved in training others in many cosmetic injectable treatments.