Case Study- One woman’s journey through a cosmetic enhancement (in her own words)

We are pleased to bring you the first instalment of one of our patients, Cheryl’s journey through cosmetic treatment. She is giving us all an insight in to her thoughts and feelings as she has different procedures. This is the first instalment in a series and we hope you find it enlighting……

Name: Cheryl

Age: 61


Cheryl Before and After wrinkle treatment to eyes, frown and jawline (Nefertiti lift)

Cheryl Before and After wrinkle treatment to eyes, frown and jawline (Nefertiti lift)

Until recently I was a cosmetic procedure virgin, having never even considered looking in to the possibility of a little enhancement. I have always thought there was nothing wrong with aging gracefully but this was until my daughter approached me to come and speak to Dr McCurdy of anti-aging. My husband said all the right things when we discussed it – he loved me the way I was but it was up to me if I wanted to go ahead with anything so I thought what’s the harm in finding out more?


I have to admit my skin is not in the best condition. I grew up and have lived most of my life on a property so have always been out in the elements. Like most of us that were young through the 70s and 80s, I loved sitting out in the sun, tanning oil in place of sunscreen. At the time you think nothing of what the sun’s rays will do to your skin long term. As everyone became more sun smart through the 90,s so did I, but by this time the damage would have been done. My current skincare regime also leaves a lot to be desired – I’m lucky if I use a cleanser and moisturiser- so I know that if I want to improve my skin, I need to improve my skin care regime and start using sunscreen more often.


The day of my consultation arrived and I met Dr McCurdy for the first time. The room was very professional but not overly clinical, so you felt more at home. He proceeded to ask me questions about myself, took a long look at my skin then went through what he thought I needed to get me looking a little better – anti-wrinkle injections (botox) to reduce the lines on my forehead and frown but that we needed to be careful around my eyes as he didn’t want to make them look any smaller than they currently are. He also recommended a Nefertiti lift for my neck which I had never heard of but he said if you are treating the face we also need to treat the neck to help lift and define the jaw and make sure the neck matches the face. You don’t want a young smooth face with an old looking neck! To get the best results he recommended I speak to their beauty therapist to introduce a good skincare regime as without that the results would not be as good as we were hoping. He said as we are treating the muscles, skin and facial structural changes with these cosmetic procedures, we could not forget to improve and maintain the results without skincare and sunscreen.


Before the treatment was started, he took a series of photos – this was so we could compare results after each treatment as we can forget what we looked like prior. Then it was on to the couch to perform the treatment. I didn’t know what to expect, I’m not that much of a fan of needles but have to say that compared to giving blood, the flu injection or a bee sting, anti-wrinkle injections were nothing! All I felt was a sharp scratch or sting. The only point that was a little painful was the chin but it was still nothing to write home about. In all, the treatment took less than 10 minutes and when I got up to look in the mirror, the only tell tale signs I’d had something done was a few small red dots. These settled very quickly though so I was able to walk out without thinking people would know I’d had any treatment. A review was booked for 3 weeks later to assess the results and I was given aftercare advice.


Over the next few weeks I didn’t really notice any funny feelings, didn’t experience headaches or anything else that can occur with this form of treatment. It was only when I was asked to make a sad face (and couldn’t) that I realised it was working. It was so gradual that it really wasn’t until I saw the before pictures that I noticed a difference – my forehead and frown lines are smoother but I still have movement and my neck has lifted. My husband has noticed changes but no one else has mentioned anything. So after the first treatment I am no longer a cosmetic injectables virgin and am very happy with the results. I am looking forward to the changes ahead with the next step – skinboosters and dermal fillers, and I have taken their advice and started using one of their professional skincare ranges which I am liking so far. I am excited to see what else these procedures can do and hope you are too!


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