Case Study Part 2- One woman’s journey through Cosmetic Procedures (in her own words)

After having Botox 3 weeks ago it was time to discuss the next phase in the process. Dr McCurdy said we needed to improve the overall appearance and quality of my skin before adding volume. I was on the right path having been using Dr Aspect since the first appointment but many years of sun damage meant  it needed a bit of a hand! The treatment he wanted to perform today was called Restylane Skinboosters which he likened to injectable skincare. It is full of hyaluronic acid which we all have in our skin and assists in hydration. He explained that what this would do when injected would be to draw moisture to the area and over time rehydrate the skin. It wouldn’t be something I would see the results of immediately – I would see some possible swelling and there was a chance there could be bruising also. Luckily I didn’t have any plans for the next few days so there was no chance of anyone seeing me! I would start to see slight changes from 3-4 weeks. He said most clients would start to feel their skin being smoother, pore size starts to shrink and the skin gets a bit more of a glow. With more time I could expect to see more changes in the wrinkles, especially those around my mouth and jaw line.


The procedure itself was surprisingly less painful than I had expected. Dr McCurdy numbed the entry points he would use (4) then inserted a cannula. The sensation of this I can only describe as weird. It was like a tugging sensation, not like anything I have ever experienced before. At no point did it hurt but there were some areas, especially closer to the nose and around the mouth that I could feel something which made me jump- but not due to the pain. It took about 10 minutes in total and when I got up and looked in the mirror I was surprised, as there was no redness, swelling or bruising at all. He gave me a cream and I was told to put it on 3-4 times a day for the next few days and to massage the skin as I applied it.


That evening I have to admit, I did feel like I had been in a boxing match (not that I have been in one before but would think it felt like that). My husband likened me to a chipmunk as my cheeks and jaw were swollen, and if I tried to open my mouth it hurt a little but nothing I couldn’t deal with. When I woke the following morning this was all gone and I went about my day as normal.


Before and After treatment

Before and After treatment

It has been 7 weeks since my treatment and I have started to see some differences. My skin now has a glow to it and when we compared pictures, the pores on my cheeks appear smaller, and the lines around my jaw are not as deep. Even though this treatment does take time to see results, I do understand why it needed to be done and that it is inevitably going to give me an even better result.