Case Study Part 3- One woman’s journey through Cosmetic Procedures

Before Tx 7-10 (1)

After most recent Treatment

After most recent Treatment

After most recent Treatment

It is amazing to think that 4 months ago I had never even considered cosmetic procedures but now after 5 treatments it has become rather “normal” to walk in to anti-aging and let Dennis tell me what I need next.

When we began this process, it was about relaxing my expression lines and improving the quality and hydration of my skin. Once we had done this we moved on to replacing lost volume and creating structure to lift my lower face, which really is my problem area. Dennis has been slowly adding volume in my cheeks with a filler called Voluma. He has said it creates a nice natural lift but that it will last upwards of 18 months. Looking at myself in the mirror now, I can really see my cheekbones even when I am not smiling. The skin is getting smoother and I can see a lift around my jaw line, the old jowls are looking a little less noticeable!

Dennis has also used filler in and around my lip area. I am quite an expressive talker (as most of us are!) so even though I have never smoked, I still had those horrible lines around my upper lip. This would have to have been the more painful procedure I have had to date but it was bearable thanks to the cream he put on before the injection as well as the anaesthetic within the product. He has filled both the top lip line to give definition to the lip border as well as the little lines above. I was a little cautious with this as I really didn’t want big lips but I have to say the result is quite subtle.

The last thing he has done was to repeat the first treatment as it had been over 3 months since I had Botox to my forehead and neck area. Looking back on those photos, what a difference it makes! It really does lift and tighten!

He tells me that he is pleased with the progress so far. The results are subtle but that is also what I wanted. I really didn’t want to “look” like I’d had something done, just that I was refreshed – like I’d been on a relaxing holiday.

Where to from here? Well that I am not sure of. We are going to wait now until January where I am sure I will find out what he has in store for me then. Will keep you posted!