Case Study – Smile correction anti-wrinkle treatment

By anti-aging Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner Jessica Maggs


Jessica before_after



Facial muscles play a significant role in portraying how we mimic and present.

The smile muscles consist of six key muscles which influence the many types of smiles that we see every day. For some of these people there are pronounced asymmetries which create an unwanted appearance and in many cases these can be treated very simply and effectively with anti-wrinkle injections in very small doses which are repeated periodically to maintain the symmetry.

This example demonstrates the zygomaticus major smile muscle pulling upwards more so on the clients left side. A very small dose of anti-wrinkle injection treatment was able to correct this side by relaxing this muscle to balance the strength of the opposite side. This can be seen in the after photo taken one month later. In this example the treatment lasted about four months.



About Jessica

Jessica Maggs

Jessica is a highly trained cosmetic nurse practitioner focusing on the science and artistry of cosmetic facial injecting. Her mile stones to achieve this level include completion of a Masters of Nurse Practitioner and demonstrating many hours of advanced clinical experience.

She initially trained as a Registered Nurse and, after a career in General and Surgical Acute Nursing she made a career change as a Sales Executive representing a range of high value cardiac imaging and diagnostic equipment. It was during this time that she completed her MBA.After her children were settled in school, Jessica embarked on her driving ambition to undertake extensive training in order to become a cosmetic injecting nurse. This was a decision from which she has have never looked back.

 Finding immense fulfilment in restoring her client’s confidence where their appearance has held them back. She loves the endless challenges of completely understanding people’s faces and applying just the right combination of artistry, technique and product to bring about a natural, confident and refreshed appearance.

“When my clients leave after treatment with their chest puffed out, a new found confidence and later telling me that their friends have commented on how well they look, then I know that I have achieved my goal and I am satisfied.”