Combination Therapy- Skin Boosters, Active Skincare and Oxygen Facials

The latest in our series about Combination therapies, discusses the Combination of Skin Boosters and more everyday treatments such as Active Skincare, Vitamin C and oxygen facials.


Oxygen Facials are becoming increasingly popular- particularly with celebrities as they are  designed to plump and smooth the face immediately with no telltale red splotches left behind. The facial works by pumping a mixture of Hyperbaric and pure Oxygen and anti-aging serums into the skin, giving the skin a smooth, plumper appearance. Makeup also can be applied right after the oxygen facial, as opposed to traditional facials, which often require a 12-hour waiting period before you can apply any makeup. Whilst it is a fabulous treatment, favoured by the likes of Madonna, it is a temporary improvement. Which is why combining it with Skin Boosters can help to improve the skin in the longer term. The Skin boosters works deep in the skin to give a longer lasting effect, complimenting the work of the facial


In addition to Oxygen facials, combining Skin Boosters with active skincare can also improve the texture and appearance of the skin. In fact, many say that good skincare is essential for clients who receive Skin Boosters. Active Skincare such as AHA’s, Retinoids, Tyrosinase Inhibitors and Vitamin C improve the skin in its outer levels, while Skin Boosters works deeper in the skin to plump and Hydrate. To read more about Active Skincare click here.

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