Combination Therapy… Skin Boosters and Wrinkle injections

Wrinkle treatments would definitely be the most commonly asked for treatments at anti-aging. One of the problems that we have with treating some areas with wrinkle treatments is maintaining a natural look whilst still softening the wrinkles as much as possible. We pride ourselves on allowing our patients to look younger without looking frozen and unnatural, so this poses a big problem in some areas, such as the eyes or the crow’s feet. Many Clients want to erase any hint of crow’s feet, which sounds simple enough, however depending on the structure of the patients face and muscle placement, erasing all of the lines can create a shelfing on the cheek. This can leave the patient looking a little like a chipmunk…. Not so natural, youthful or attractive!

So how do we achieve a natural look and erase the lines? Enter Combination therapy- combining anti-wrinkle injections with skin booster injections. The anti-wrinkle injection works to soften many of the lines, but for the fine lines and those that cannot be softened with an anti-wrinkle injection without resulting in the dreaded ‘chipmunk’ look a skinbooster injection can be the solution.

Skinboosters work by gradually rejuvenating the skin and can help improve skin elasticity and texture as well as providing long lasting hydration, whilst the wrinkle injections will stop the muscle from moving, creating further lines and softening existing lines. Coupled together, they create smoother skin, fewer wrinkles and a more natural look.

Crow’s feet is just the start of the areas that can be improved with combination therapy. The skinbooster rangeis also an excellent treatment in areas such as the face, neck, hands and decollatage.

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