Combination Therapy- When wrinkle treatment is not enough….

Years ago, when people thought of cosmetic injections, they generally thought of Collagen. Now they tend to think of wrinkle injections or if they are better versed in cosmetic injectables they make think of filler. But often they think of each in isolation. If you pick up a tabloid magazine, the headline is usually “has she had Botox?” or “cosmetic surgery”?, but it is only inside the cover that the experts report that said celebrity has probably had a combination of Wrinkle injections and fillers (with a little skin rejuvenation) to achieve their Red carpet look.

Whilst dermal fillers and wrinkle injections in isolation can certainly improve your appearance, and help to give you a more youthful look, it can sometimes lead to an uneven or unnatural look. Wrinkle injections combined with dermal fillers can often give a more natural look and work together to prolong the life of the improvement. For examble, Wrinkle injections alone can improve and soften a deep frown line, but wrinkle injections and filler can almost erase the lines and by preventing the muscles from working, the wrinkle injections will prolong the life of the filler.

Many clients come to their cosmetic injector for a regular fill or wrinkle injection but have not thought to explore the possibilities of combination therapy. According to a survey, 52% of people already having cosmetic treatments want to know more about their options for treatments in the future.

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