Considering a cosmetic injectable procedure? Here are the must-ask questions

You have been thinking about it for a while but have decided that it is a new year and what is the harm in finding out more information. Before considering any cosmetic injectable procedure, there are a few key questions you need to consider before choosing a provider to ensure you will be in safe hands and have the outcome you desire.


  1. Who will be performing the treatment and are they experienced?

Cosmetic injectables such as anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers are Schedule 4 drugs, meaning they are prescription-only medications and need to be prescribed to you by a doctor or nurse practitioner prior to being administered by a doctor, nurse practitioner or cosmetic nurse. At anti-aging, all of our practitioners are highly qualified and undergo extensive training with Allergan and Galderma (suppliers of the top anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers world-wide) to keep up with changes to the industry as well as new products and techniques. It is important to understand that not all practitioners are experienced enough to perform more complex procedures and may not give you the outcome you were envisioning.

  1. What happens in an initial consultation and do I have to go ahead with treatment?

An initial consultation is very important as you will want the opportunity to discuss treatment options, what the possible outcomes will be, how the procedure is performed and what the costs will be before going ahead with treatment. Informed consent is very important as most treatments are involving your face so you want to make sure you choose the right practitioner. At anti-aging, our cosmetic practitioners offer a no obligation consultation which involves a conversation to fully understand your concerns and discussing the treatment options that are available as well as the price. The important thing to remember is that you do not need to go ahead with treatment on the day, if you are unsure the best thing to do will be to take the information with you and consider it, booking back in when you are 100% sure you wish to proceed. You need to be confident that you are not only happy with the treatment and its results but also have developed a good rapport with the practitioner.

  1. Will we discuss all treatment options available?

If you are looking at going ahead with treatment, the practitioner will go through all treatment options with you to get you where you would like to be. For most of us it can be a combination of treatments performed over a period of time that will give us the outcome we are looking for. Not everyone wants to shout from the rooftop that they are undergoing cosmetic procedures so small treatments more regularly may be better. Your cosmetic practitioner can write up a treatment plan so you are fully aware of what has been recommended, when and why to make an informed decision before going ahead with treatment.

  1. What brands of anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers do you offer?

Advertising restrictions of these Schedule 4 drugs can make it hard for people to understand what products are available and in some cases why there are different prices with other providers. As an example, there are 3 different anti-wrinkle products available here in Australia and each have a different price but each is also very different and this is reflected in that price. Your cosmetic practitioner will discuss the different products in your consultation and why they would recommend one over another. There are differences in how they feel, how long they take to activate as well as how long these results last, therefore depending on your concerns and previous experiences the practitioner will make their professional recommendation to give you the outcome you are looking for. Always ask what product is being used, how long it will last and why it has been recommended as sometimes cheaper does not mean better.

  1. Do you review the treatment and who do I contact if I have any questions?

At anti-aging we believe it is important to review your treatment. After your initial treatment you will be offered a review appointment at the next clinic date. This is a good opportunity to see how the treatment is progressing but also allowing you to ask any questions. If you have any queries or concerns prior to this appointment, your practitioner will give you their contact information so you can call them directly.