Dr Braz visits anti-aging

20140325_133510Recently, we had the incredible fortune of having the eminent Dr Braz from Brazil visit us and show us his magic. Dr Braz is a well known Dermatologist who has written extensively about the new kids on the block Volift and Volbella which are dermal fillers. Dr Braz demonstrated the incredible qualities of these products and showed us how to get results with conservative amounts used and showed us how to do it safely. His display of different techniques to deliver results and in particular cannula use was amazing and he definitely made it look easy.

The salient points were safety, knowledge of anatomy and clients being entered into programs where results were obtained over several visits. The Brave New world we live in today has more educated and savvy clients and it’s these sessions that help us develop into better Cosmetic Practitioners who can master other avenues to deliver results and wow the clients with our know how.

Juan Romero

Medical Director