Dr Mihaela Guguila

MBBS; FRCS (Ro); Cosmetic Physician
Dipl. Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery
Dipl. Liposuction
Dipl. Dermatology ” Feel Good Look Younger “​ Clinic Director
Horsham, Vic, Australia
Cosmetic Physician
Anti-Aging Clinic, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Biography: Dr Mihaela Guguila worked as a Consultant Surgeon, Chief of Surgery and CEO in teaching hospitals, as well as Senior Doctor in Emergency Medicine in several hospitals in Europe and lately in the United Kingdom. Mihaela moved to Australia in 2010 and she undertook further studies, specialising in Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery. She has a daughter Bianca, Mathematician, based in United Kingdom. Mihaela loves travelling all over the world, music and painting.