Dr Ravi Jain Training Session


The injectors at anti-aging were very fortunate to be visited by Dr Ravi Jain, one of the UK’s leading Cosmetic physicians, for an in depth training session recently. Dr Jain focussed the interactive, injecting session on creating Facial harmony, in other words making sure that the top of the face matches the bottom half of the face. A common mistake in cosmetic treatments is completely removing lines and wrinkles from the frown and forehead without considering the lower part of the face. This can create a mismatched face ie. the forehead of a 40 year old with the jowls of a 60 year old! anti-aging injectors seek to find Harmony in the face, ensuring our clients have a natural, youthful look. At anti-aging, our injectors are committed to maintaining a level of excellence in injecting and as such, regularly attend training sessions and conferences to stay at the top of the field.

Further to our commitment to training, anti-aging injectors recently completed their annual CPR update.

anti-aging……… always learning!