Dr Theva Thevakumar

Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to become a doctor and contribute to people’s health and wellness. I wanted to make a difference in their lives. I never liked seeing anyone unwell. I wished I could heal them all. In my own family, three of my close uncles died from massive heart attacks. I said to myself “why can’t anyone help these people and prevent their deaths?”

The desire to help others never left me as a child. Hence, I studied for 6 years to become a doctor and for twenty-one years, I practiced as a General Practitioner (GP). I have had a very successful practice in three different clinics, serving thousands of happy patients. Additionally, I was a GP educator for medical students and GP trainees, and an examiner for the General Practice professional examinations (FRACGP).

During this time, I noticed how many people were feeling emotionally troubled. Their aging appearances lead to a lack of self-esteem and confidence. I noticed this played a significant part in their overall happiness, relationships and careers.

After all, beauty and wellbeing begin within. Rediscovering one’s natural beauty is a big step towards personal transformation and wellbeing.

This was not only for ladies reaching fifty. Younger women whose daily life stresses, sun, and smoking were taken their tolls on their looks and causing premature aging. Stressed men looking older than they should. Elderly ladies seeking to regain their confidence. Teenagers battling with acne and social pressures to look perfect. New mums wanting to regain their pre-baby figures. Professional women looking tired and worn out, wanting to regain their natural glow. Singles, looking to re-enter the social scene and wanting to become the best version of themselves. People, both men and women of all ages, struggling to lose weight and tighten flabby skin despite exercising and dieting.

Daily, as a GP, I would be dealing with the adverse effects of these circumstances. This affected me on a personal level because I knew prescribing medicine for feeling down, and “unwell” was not going to fix the underlying issues causing their “pain.”

As a result, anti-aging and helping clients become the best version of themselves became my new passion. I undertook further training and completed my Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine “.

I commenced practice in anti-aging just over 9 years ago and opened my first anti-aging clinic in April 2015. For the last nine years, I have helped transform the lives of over 2400+ happy clients by performing anti-aging treatments.

I often speak at interstate seminars to share my experiences with colleagues. I also regularly attend both local and international conferences and workshops to further expand my knowledge, techniques and skill set, which allows me to better serve all my clients.