Even Baby Prince George has Nasolabial Folds!


Try as we might, we just can’t ignore the Royal visit to Australia. It’s been on every news braoadcast and internet post for the past fortnight. It seems everyone is quite taken with the Duchess of Cambridge and her natural beauty. Certainly she is a beautiful young woman, who looks fit and healthy and happy- the best ingredients for beauty. But she also looks natural. On close inspection you can see that she has nasolabial folds (the lines from the corner of the nose to the mouth) an area that in the past many people have overtreated by using dermal fillers to fill in the folds. We have long stayed away from overtreating the nasolabial folds as the result can be unattractive and unnatural looking (some of our injectors refer to it as the monkey or dog look!). The reason often given is that everybody has nasolabial folds….. even babies, as illustrated in the obligatory photo of Princess Kate and his royal cuteness Prince George.

Of course, nasolabial folds can be softened to great effect as illustrated in this before and after photograph, and still look natural. For more information on treatment of nasolabial folds which allows you to look natural click here.