Fiona Ciavarella

Hi, I am Fiona, I am a certified cosmetic nurse injector.

I completed my nursing in Melbourne in 2012 , however, I have worked in the cosmetic industry for over 14 years. I have trained and worked amongst the best Dermatologists, doctors, nurses and leaders in the aesthetic industry in Melbourne.

During my cosmetic career, I was very fortunate to have experienced and to have had the opportunity to follow brilliant and very highly skilled “cosmetic artists”, they have provided me with much knowledge and education and therefore have taught me the safest and most affective way of injecting hyaluronic dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections without looking “fake or overdone”.

My vision and passion for my patient’s is to enhance their best features, where they remain looking natural and fresh without anyone really noticing, just the most important person, you!
I believe that there is a real connection between feeling good and looking good and when you look good, you absolutely feel good.