Forehead Lines. To treat or not to treat?

A common concern amongst our clients is the horizontal lines on their foreheads. Many clients would like them totally erased so they can have a completely smooth forehead, and this can be achieved, but may not result in a better looking face…..

A forehead that is too smooth can appear shiny and unnatural (Nicole Kidman was often accused of using too much Botox because of a smooth, shiny forehead). If not treated with care and consideration, removing lines from the forehead can result in dropping eyebrow height, leaving the client with tired looking eyes.

Forehead lines are caused by raising the eyebrows and many people with deep forehead lines, raise their eyebrows a lot because they have quite low, heavy brows. Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles of the forehead and smooth out the wrinkles, but if care is not taken, the heavy brows can be exacerbated. At anti-aging, we are committed to giving our clients a natural look, so will assess your face to ensure just the right balance of treatment to soften wrinkles and maintain eyebrow height to give you a more youthful look without looking unnatural. In some cases dermal fillers can be coupled with anti-wrinkle injections to treat deeper forehead lines and give you the natural look you are seeking.

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