It’s getting Cold…Booo! No need for sunscreen… double Boo!

The weather is turning nasty… even schools and kindergartens are now not required to ensure children are wearing hats after the end of April, but is it OK to stop wearing sunscreen everyday? Absolutely not! The moisturiser I use has an SPF rating… surely this is enough? Also nope. The makeup I use has an SPF in it. Enough? Three strikes and you’re out!
Over 90% of sun damage is caused by incidental exposure such as the commute to work, short walks etc!  UV radiation can lead to sunburn, accelerate skin ageing and stimulate skin discolouration (freckles and dark patches on the skin or age spots), so it is important to wear sunscreen everyday…. Even outside of the summer months.


Which to use?

Whilst a sunscreen and moisturiser combination is better than nothing, the moisturiser may dilute the sunscreen content and not provide you with the SPF protection stated on the packaging. So wherever possible use a moisturiser and separate sunscreen of at least SPF15. A broad spectrum SPF 15 is often lighter on the skin than SPF 30 and provides 95% protection from UV rays compared to 97% for SPF30.

Remember to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the house!