Hay Fever


If only flowers would keep their pollen to themselves… but no they have to ‘share’ it around leaving us with runny eyes, sneezing and generally feeling lousy.

At anti-aging we have a new treatment for hay fever. We have been using it for the last few years and with over 60% getting 90% relief.

Did you know that Melbourne is the world’s allergy capital… yes that is right if you live in and around Melbourne, the town I call home, you live in the worst place in the world for allergies. Professor Bardin of Melbourne said ‘botox offers hay-fever relief by blocking nerve endings in the nasal passage’.

At anti-aging we have been using this treatment for several years for the treatment of hay fever with wonderful success.

NO!! We don’t inject it into your nose; at anti-aging we have developed a special nasal spray for administration.

If you can relate to this picture and want some relief from hay-fever this spring make an appointment with specially trained practitioners to discuss the latest, probably the best, treatment for hay-fever.

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