How anti-wrinkle injections can help depression

Interest Piece – How anti-wrinkle injections can help depression

By anti-aging Cosmetic Nurse Julia Booth


The idea of ‘fake it till you make it’ isn’t a new concept. However, recent studies show that anti-wrinkle injections, commonly used to reduce wrinkles, may be used as an effective treatment for depression. People often complain that anti-wrinkle injections mask facial expression so that recipients have trouble displaying emotions on their face. That problem may be a good thing for people with depression, as seen in a study by Rodriguez in Scientific American Mind.


How can this be so, you say. Our facial expressions show our emotions. This in turn sends signals to our brain, which reinforce these emotions. Feedback from facial expressions influences emotional experience, such as depression. The protein in anit-wrinkle injections interrupts the receptors sending messages to the brain controlling depression. By blocking this signal, the cycle is turned off and the brain cannot register the emotion.


Studies on patients with chronic depression have been treated with anti-wrinkle injections to a single area, the frown lines between the eyes, known as the glabella. A treatment group and a placebo group have been used in studies, which showed the treatment group had a 47.1% reduction in depression symptoms, compared with 9.2% in the placebo group. The results post treatment suggest that patients with depression show a reduction in depression following treatment according to Murry et al.


This is exciting news for the 1 million Australians who suffer from depression. So don’t toss the Prozac yet, but try adding this treatment to the arsenal in the fight against depression.


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