IPL for Facial Capillaries

I never tire of treating facial capillaries – not that doing the actual laser treatment is that exciting but I love that the clients are so happy with the results and the effectiveness of the treatment. They have often have had to hide the broken capiliaries or rosacea on the skin of their face under mountains ofmakeup for years and the relatively quick results are something they never thought possible.

The treatment is usually 2-4 sessions using Palomar’s specific Intensed Pulse Light handpiece thattargets the haemoglobin in the vessels. There is usually a little redness after the procedure and a mild sunburn sensation that lasts for a few hours. It is a great treatment as there is no damage to the skin and can return to normal activities straight after their IPL session with no down time. The results are usually noticeable 2 weeks after the first session when capiliaries appear removed.

Most clients mention that they should have done this years ago!

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