KISSES — Tips for lips

We recently read a great article in the Dermatology Times about injecting lips and wanted to share some of the highlights with all of you.

Dr Heidi Waldorf of New York said she tells her patients before they have their lips treated that they must always consider the whole face. If there are deficiencies in other areas of the face, it is important to address those areas in addition to the lips to avoid looking like “a skinny, ugly duck,” she said. If the rest of the face is sagging due to a deflated fat pad, the lips is affected just like the rest of the face. The volume must be replaced in the face and sometimes can result in a better look without even touching the lips!


The article also highlighted some points important for anyone considering having their lips enhanced:

  • Side view is as important as the front
  • Shape is more important than size
  • Expectations must be realistic

Side view is as important as the front


Before Lip enhancement with Dermal Filler


After lip enhancement with Dermal Filler

It is important to consider not just the way the lips look from the front, but the side too. Many people have a relatively good size lip, but from the side, the lips are flat and contours around the mouth make them look less attractive. A beautiful lip often includes a little kick at the front.

 Shape is more important than size

It is important to have a realistic looking lip. As such the lip should have slight pillows on either side of the centre of the bottom lip

Expectations must be realistic

We can’t all have Angelina Jolie’s lips, because we don’t all have Angelina Jolie’s face (unfortunately!). A lip can only be improved based on what you were born with and in keeping with your individual facial features.

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