New to anti-aging- Restylane Skin Care

(As seen in April 4, Grazia magazine)

QMed, the makers of a popular dermal filler have recently released a skincare range, Restylane Skincare. Restylane Skincare is a group of high-quality skincare products based on the successful, patented and proven NASHAtechnology. These products will complement the QMed range of injectable dermal fillers for aesthetic treatments.

While the original Restylane injectable products create volume, definition and hydration from within, the Restylane Skincare collection protects, hydrates and nourishes your skin from the outside. Providing you with rejuvenated, hydrated skincare from the inside and out!

Restylane Skincare consists of six different skincare products: Day Cream, Night Cream,

Night Serum, Recover Cream, Hand Cream and Facial Cleanser.