Scoupons and wrinkle treatments- why we don’t participate


Scoupons and Wrinkle Treatments- Why we don’t participate

Many clients have recently asked why we don’t participate in the ever more popular ‘Scoupon’ programs they see on TV and online. An article which recently appeared in Beauty Biz Magazine July/August 2011 edition, helps to explain why.

Wrinkle treatments involve the use of a prescription only medication and it is against the regulations of medical bodies to sell a treatment prior to a full medical assessment, as it may lead to unnecessary or inappropriate use of the medication.

In addition, many of the websites are breaking the rules of advertising. As Dr Gabby Caswell the president of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia states “The advertising of Schedule 4 or prescription-only medications is regulated by advertising guidelines set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. It’s against these guidelines to advertise prescription-only medications such as Botox, by their trade name”.

At anti-aging, we always endeavour to follow the guidelines set out by medical governing bodies and always tailor our treatments to our individual clients needs, which means  ‘Scoupons’ are not for us!