Spring is in the Air- wrinkle injection time!

This weeks blog comes courtesy of our very own Dr Dennis McCurdy, giving us a man’s perspective on Spring and the racing carnival…… after over 20 years of cosmetic injecting, you would think he would understand us by now!!

Getting busy again!!
Oh yeah!!! It is Spring.

What is it with you ladies at Spring Carnival?
New dress, new shoes, special hat, hair appointment and the list goes on.
Then there is the wrinkle injections for the unwanted wrinkles and fillers for fuller lips.
All to look your best for that special day or days at the races.
It all reminds me of what happens for that special wedding day.

Bec, a good friend and ‘Spring Carnival addict’, told me I do not understand, what an understatement.
How does the song go? ‘Girls just want to have fun’!
It is an excuse to dress up, to be that princess one more time.

Another ‘Spring Carnival addict’ just said to me ‘why not?’, who needs a reason other then to have fun.
When I asked which horse she is betting on, I should not have been surprised with the answer.
‘Dennis, you don’t get it do you….. it is not about the horses.’

Whatever the reason we are getting busy again.
It is not only the ladies, but some men are joining in to get rid of that deep frown line with wrinkle injections and fillers to improve that sallow or gaunt look.
Everyone wants to look fresher, not different but a healthier self.

Timing is everything, with the stock market, buying a house, being at the right place at the right time.
So it is with cosmetic treatments.

Wrinkle Injections last about 3-4 months with the best effect usually between 2-10 weeks, so timing your treatments for that special occasion is paramount.
Fillers last much longer so the timing is not as critical, although, you don’t want to have your filler too close to race day as there is a small chance of bruising, redness and/or swelling for a few days-week after treatment.

It is a great time of the year, for me it is not the ‘Spring Carnival’ it is the birds are singing, flowers are blossoming and my veggie patch is flourishing.