Stephanie Rmandic

Stephanie Rmandic is a highly skilled Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Injector. She has gained an immense amount of experience working in one of Melbourne’s most acute hospitals. Stephanie has worked in an array of both medical and surgical fields and has gained expertise in the Neurology and neurosurgery field. Stephanie has the knowledge and clinical skills to create an environment where all clients are known to be treated in a safe manner with all their cosmetic procedures.

Stephanie prides herself in continuing with professional development and implementing the safest practice as well as introducing new treatments for her clients. She is committed to providing all clients the highest level of care with an in-depth consultation, safe treatment and follow up care. Stephanie ensures that all clients feel safe and comfortable with all treatments and finds great joy in creating and sustaining long term relationships with them.

“I believe the key to creating harmony with using cosmetic treatments is a thorough consultation and assessment. I always make sure that my clients are suitable candidates and feel safe, this creates great natural results and also allows me to create a long-term relationship with all my clients. Making my clients feel great about themselves is why I love what I do”.