Stretch Marks with Fractional Laser and Radio Frequency Therapy

I am currently overwhelmed with the popularity of this treatment – so many people want it! Most clients have seen a reduction about 6 weeks after the first treatment. We usually recommend 3-5 treatments and expect at least a 50% improvement to the appearance of stretch marks.

Using the 1540 Fraxel system, the laser reduces the colour of the stretch mark and rebuilding the damaged skin in the area of the stretch mark. The Fractional laser rebuilds the skin by strengthening and tightening the collagen and developing new collagen.

Combining this Fractional Laser with Radio Frequency Therapy further enhances the results

Most treatments are 8 weeks apart and all skin types can be treated. anti-aging Canterbury currently has a special of $299 per A4 sized area per session for the Fractional Laser alone and $500 for the combination treatment of Fractional Laser and Radio Frequency Therapy. When 3 sessions of combination therapy is paid up in front the cost is $1200 – a saving of $300.

Get into it!