The 5 Skincare products everyone should use- Sunscreen

Sunscreen is usually the last thing you apply as part of your skincare routine (or at least it should be!). We’ve chosen to talk about it first as we feel it is the most important product you can use to prevent aging (other than Botulinum toxins- which you should compliment by using sunscreen anyway).


Over 90% of sun damage is caused by incidental exposure such as the commute to work, short walks etc!  UV radiation can lead to sunburn, accelerate skin ageing and stimulate skin discolouration (freckles and dark patches on the skin or age spots), so it is important to wear sunscreen everyday!


The most important thing to know about sunscreen is to only purchase a sunscreen which clearly states on the label that it is Broad Spectrum or has Multi Wave protection. If the sunscreen is cheap and does not say either of these on the labels, there is a good chance that it will only block out UVB rays (which will not protect you from skin cancer which is caused by UVA and UVB rays!)


Sunscreens come in 3 different forms:

–          Chemical- Neutralise the UV rays within the skin

–          Physical- form a physical barrier between your skin and UV rays (quite thick)

–          Hybrid- combine physical and chemical sunscreen (thinner in consistency to physical barriers)

Whilst a sunscreen and moisturiser combination is better than nothing, the moisturiser may dilute the sunscreen content and not provide you with the SPF protection stated on the packaging. So wherever possible use a moisturiser and separate sunscreen of at least SPF15. A broad spectrum SPF 15 is often lighter on the skin than SPF 30 and provides 95% protection from UV rays compared to 97% for SPF30.

Remember to apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the house!