Training Update: a longer lasting filler

At anti-aging we are very committed to maintaining excellence in the area of Cosmetic Medicine and as such, have monthly training sessions at our head office in addition to attending external training and local and international conferences. Last week we were fortunate enough to receive further training from Allergan. To celebrate one year since the release of their latest smooth, long lasting Dermal Fillers, Allergan provided us with training on new injecting techniques and new areas in which to use the Dermal Fillers. This training also allowed our injectors to discuss their own experiences with the product, share ideas and refine their techniques.

Volbella VoliftThe fillers used in the training are made from Hyaloronic acid and offer longer lasting results (up to 12 months). They can be used in the lips and under the eyes. To find out more about Dermal fillers click here.

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