Fat Dissolving Injections Melbourne

What is Lipodissolve or Lipolysis?

‘Lipo’ means fat and ‘lysis’ means dissolving; so, Lipolysis is a term used to describe the process of dissolving fat by means of injection.

How does Lipodissolve work?

Lipodissolve uses PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE [PTC] as the main ingredient to breakdown the fat. Although PTC is naturally found in the body the PTC used in lipodissolve is derived from soybeans. You should not have the treatment if you are allergic to soybeans. PTC is injected with very fine needles directly into the unwanted fat deposits. The fat is broken down into a soluble form and removed by normal liver and kidney function.

Can you really melt fat by injection?

Many years of extensive experience throughout Europe and America has shown this to be a very safe and effective way of removing fat from any stubborn area. The stomach, back, thighs, buttocks, neck and arms may all be treated. For the success of this procedure anti-aging cosmetic practitioners have been specially trained in an innovative lipolysis technique exclusive to our clinics.

Is this treatment safe?

Unlike liposuction and surgery, it is not associated with the risks of general anaesthesia or sedation, and the other complications of surgery. At anti-aging we are proud to be at the cutting edge of lipodissolve having being one of the first to introduce the procedure and one of the most experienced in Melbourne.

The major advantages of Lipodissolve include:

Lipodissolve Conventional Liposuction
No general anaesthetic or hospital stay General Anaesthetic & hospital admission are usually required
Effective control of pain during and after treatment Additional pain medication is required after treatment
An even pleasing contour is achieved as final adjustments can be made towards the end of the procedure No ability to fine tune the result during the procedure. There is a higher rate of re-dos to achieve acceptable results.
Minimal bleeding and bruising Considerable bruising and sometimes bleeding
Short recovery time Prolonged recovery time
Rapid return to work and normal activities
No stitches are needed

Are there any side effects?

Most clients experience bruising, swelling, tenderness and sometimes pain in the treated areas. This can last up to 2 weeks. Because the symptoms are mild most clients continue their normal activies after the procedure.

Does the skin sag or loosen over the treatment area?

As the fat is being removed, the skin tightens over the treated area; meaning there is no loose, sagging skin. This is one of the advantages over liposuction because the process is slow and the skin has time to tighten.

Can Cellulite be treated?

Cellulite can be successfully treated using a combination of ingredients which might include PTC and other safe mesotherapy ingredients. Exceptional results for treating cellulite are achieved by anti-aging practitioners through a customised approach. This involves a combination of mesotherapy and non-surgical technology that not only destroys fat cells but also tightens loose and sagging skin.

How much could I expect to invest?

anti-aging take pride in passing on to you the financial advantages we enjoy from being one of Australia ‘s largest providers of cosmetic enhancement procedures. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the many benefits of cosmetic enhancement and endeavour to make our procedures as affordable as possible.