The Team

The anti-aging team consists of experienced practitioners led by Dr. Juan Romero and Dr. Dennis McCurdy who have over 30 years combined experience in practicing and teaching cosmetic medicine. Anti-aging cosmetic practitioners commitment to you:
  • We are passionate about helping you achieve your cosmetic goals safely, with proven treatments, and with little inconvenience to normal daily activities.
  • We are continually pioneering innovative techniques in non surgical cosmetic procedures.
  • We have developed exclusive combination treatments that offer you a more significant result than previously achieved in cosmetic medicine.
  • We are one of the largest providers of cosmetic enhancement procedures in Australia.
  • We use this to our advantage and we take pride in passing this on to you.
Dr Dennis McCurdy
Dr Juan Romero
Karen Keogh
James Barrett
Clare Casey
Jessica Maggs
Tarn McGinn-Belton
Penny Polimenakos
Lindy Hare
Kellie Harris
Daniel Silpaps
Dr Lee Siow
Dr Sam Auteri
Michelle Fitzgerald
Mr Erik Koppert
Dr Woo Tan
Ann-Maree Stuart
Belinda Tennant
Ilona Aminov
Kay Nuttal
Lara Bain
Dr Dominic Rillstone
Marsha Davies
Martin Desmarais
Mary-Ann Sharpe
Monica Sternalski
Robyn Barrett-Roydhouse
Trish Matheson
Vicki Wagner
Yvonne Ayres
Nicole Shir
Dr Tina Purdon
Anne Maree Pemberton
Debora Webster-Bain
Dr. Lucy Rosman
Rebecca Habersberger
Jill Kirkwood
Dr Azadeh Mehrvarz
Nicole Collins
Abbey Gwyther-Jones
Andrea Marco Peruzzo
Amelia Birch
Aubrey Monteclar
Emma Aylward
Amber King
Bianca Stewart
Snezana Ristevska
Jennifer Goudge
Justine Reynoldson-Ross
Dr Clare Foss
Mary-Ellen Croft
Chantelle Byers
Joyce Coyle
Lina Pan
Elizabeth Meocevic
Fiona McEwan
Danielle Edwards