Fat Freezing With Cooltech

Cryolipolysis is the latest and most effective technology available for fat cell removal.

Here at anti-aging Dr Tina Purdon has researched the systems available and has chosen Cooltech made by a Spanish group called Cocoon. Cooltech prioritise results and safety and we are really pleased with the selection of 6 different handpieces to maximise safety and results for different body types and treatment areas.

Cryolipolysis freezes fat cells to the point where they crystallise and die, and then are gradually eliminated by the body’s natural processes. The fat cells that remain will shrink, further reducing the size of the treated area. Dieting merely shrinks existing fat cells so they can increase in size again however fat cells that are removed from the body through cryolipolysis have a very low chance of returning.

Cooltech has six different applicators, which are individually designed to ensure that whatever area of the body is treated, the maximum effect will be achieved with maximum safety.

You are an ideal candidate for Cooltech treatment if:

  • You are generally within, or just a little over, you appropriate weight, but have fat bulges that don’t respond to diet and exercise.
  • You have post-pregnancy fat deposits area on your tummy area.
  • You have rolls of fat on your back.
  • You have upper arm or inner thigh fat deposits.

Cooltech is not a recommended treatment for weight loss, nor if you have lost a great deal of weight and have loose rolls of skin that are NOT filled with fatty deposits – you would need skin tightening instead.

The skin in the treatment area will have the handpiece placed on it and a vacuum process draws the skin up into the cup of the handpiece. Cooltech freezes the fat for up to seventy minutes.

Some risks and side effects include bruising, soreness, tingling and numbness in the treatment area for about 2 weeks. The actual treatment is usually comfortable after the first 15 minutes – some people find the suction process uncomfortable but that is completed within 10 minutes.

The fat cells that die as a result of Cooltech treatment have a very low chance of returning. You can see some reduction in the treatment area as early as three weeks after treatment, but full results will be evident in two to four months. Depending on the amount of fat in the area, you may require repeat treatments or additional treatments adjacent to the treated fatty areas. Once you have achieved your desired reduction (remember it is neither possible nor desirable to remove 100% of fat cells), the results are long-term, providing you continue a healthy lifestyle appropriate for ideal weight maintenance.