Lindy Hare

I’ve been a nurse for several decades, with a background in Emergency medicine but working in Plastic Surgery Nursing for the past 20 years. I also have a degree in Social Work, with a special interest in Social Justice, and an Arts degree in Indian studies…so I’m coming to Cosmetic Medicine with a wide world view I hope.

Prior to joining AAA in 2015, I set up and ran the injectables side of Melbourne Plastic Surgery for 15 years. I learnt to inject from the pioneers in the field, and I have kept up to date attending Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery conferences regularly. Being a part of anti-aging Associates has been such a blessing for me. To be backed up and supported with education and collective experience is so important in this field, and my skills have flourished in this environment. For me being able to give someone a completely natural look so that they look good for their age rather than years younger is the goal.

When I am not working as a cosmetic injectables Nurse, I volunteer for various NFPs, most recently, 10 years on the board of Operation Smile Australia, an organisation providing free Craniofacial surgery to children in the developing world, and several years as a volunteer social worker at the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Footscray.
*During Covid,2020 I made masks for the community…