Jolene Grier

Jolene is originally from Ireland where she trained and qualified with her Bachelor of Nursing.

Jolene travelled to Australia to work as a Nurse and has been here 20 years.

Since then, she has continuously worked in a variety of public and private hospitals gaining valuable knowledge in acute settings.

Jolene completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Critical Care Nursing through Deakin University in 2009. She has been working in the ICU since with immense passion and empathy for her patients over the years.

This area of nursing has given Jolene years of professional clinical experience that is invaluable.

Jolene has had an interest in injectable aesthetics for several years now.

Good communication skills and building a rapport with patients & colleagues has helped.

shape her move into Aesthetic Nursing.

She has a passion for embracing age gracefully with the help of anti-wrinkle and filler.

injectable products to enhance our natural key features.

Not only can they improve appearance, but it has a magical way of boosting confidence.