Fiona Gagliardi

Fiona commenced her Nursing Career in 2012 as a clinical nurse in Acute settings with time spent in Surgical, HDU and general medical along with a period time managing a team in Dementia.

Fiona loved her 1 on 1 time with Patients and wanting to work in an area of nursing where positive long-term relationships were built. Fiona always loved art and has a passion for realism so when it comes to Cosmetic Nursing and Injecting the fit was perfect. A person’s face is such a special and unique canvas with one’s individual traits and expressions that carefully need to be considered and respected, whether it is asymmetry, adding definition or tackling the signs of aging that we all will go through.

Fiona has a passion for achieving natural, youthful results in her treatments. She aims for all clients to feel heard, well cared for, confident, educated while their individuality is respected and maintained during all quality treatments.